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About B Smart Med

The mission of B Smart Med is to develop technology solutions for the Medical industries that are both innovative and digital communication between Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) and Medical Industries .

Our Solutions are combined to produce a digital platform that is exceptionally intuitive and engaging for HCPs and Medical Industries.

By One-Click, Healthcare Professionals manage the visiting & video calls schedule While Medical Sales Representatives book an appointment with particular HCP by one-click.

Convert Time to Benefits

b Smart Med Benefits

Effective connectivity

Improve communication between the HCPs and medical sales representatives by booking video and voice calls or Face-to-Face appointments

Latest Courses and Conferences

Announcement of the latest major training courses, conferences and workshops in the healthcare field.

Business Growth

New and innovation way to gain benefits. Smart Platform that saves effort, money and time.

Unique Database

Easy to reach specific information about target, Healthcare Professional(HCPs), Medical Industries.

Delivering samples safely

Smart & secure tracking of samples.HCPs will receive medical samples packaged and secured.

Scientific Research and Announcements

Providing a huge platform to display the latest news related to research and reliable ads in the medical field.

Interactive Video Streaming

First interactive streaming medical video platform for healthcare professionals to share knowledge and experiences

Advertising and Marketing

Providing electronic marketing tools to allow companies providing medical services or medications to communicate more efficiently and quickly with HCPs

Medical Surveys

Providing innovative solutions to manage researchs and medical studies in cooperation with registered healthcare Professionals through smart, practical, transparent, and high-speed manner.

Rewarding Programs

Users get rewarded Just by use B Smart Med features.

B Smart Med Application runs on the device you're always using.

B Smart Med is available for desktop,iOS, and Android devices. With user-friendly interfaces dedicated to healthcare professionals & medical sales representatives!

Digital communications provide a better solution for medical industries

A reliable digital pharma marketing partner to help you reach physicians and increase your share of voice.

Medical Equipment and Supplies


Dental Supplies

Nutrition and Supplements

Training and Development

Medical Beauty


Publishing and Advertising

B Smart Med is cutting-edge technology in healthcare field communication & community.

Healthcare Centers (HCCs)

Our benefits and services will help all type at healthcare centers to develop and grow the communications between healthcare professionals (HCPs) & medical sales representatives.

Medical Services Facilities

Research Centers

Medical Laboratories

Dental Clinics

Medical Cities

Military Medical Sectors

Beauty Centers

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