Healthcare Professionals (HCPs)

B Smart Med App Features

Manage Your Account

One-Click, healthcare Professionals can access his/her profile and Control scheduled communications with Medical Sales Representatives smartly, fast and anytime, anywhere. HCPs have two ways to meet medical sales representatives, by receiving reserved video calls or welcoming face to face visiting.All is in one application (B Smart Med).

Update Profile

Just register at B smart Med application then login and update your photo and personal, location and Professional information.

Manage Schedule

Now, it is easy to schedule your available period to receive video calls or face-to-face visits timetable.


Do not trouble to remembering appointments with medical sales representatives,you will receive appointments reminder notify through B smart Med application.

Manage Video Calls Log

Follow up, receive or Cancel video calls appointment with medical sales representatives through B Smart Med.


Follow up, receive or Cancel face-to-face appointment with medical sales representatives through B Smart Med.

Get Rewarded

Users are rewarded for using B Smart Med's features

Enhancing Medical Education

by providing the most important references , medical studies, research, journals, and scientific books, in addition to sources for Continious Medical Eduction (CME) & Medical Associations.

Exchange of Experience

Using First interactive medical video platform dedicated to Healthcare professionals to share knowledge and experiences.

Medical Surveys Participation

supported by medical and pharmaceuticals companies