Terms of Use

(B Smart Med) Term & Conditions

(B Smart Med) operates as an Information technology company that provides a solution specialized in managing the communication, appointment and online meetings services between Health Care Professionals and Medical industries. The following terms and conditions shall be acknowledged and followed by the users. By signing on agree checkbox below the user is legally obliged to follow the terms and conditions. The user is fully accountable of any legal consequences resulting from failure to comply with terms and conditions. This include all incidents of intentionally or unintentionally violation of terms and conditions. Accuracy of information and evidence-based medical information:
  • All personal information submitted for the purpose of creating an account should be accurate and valid. This includes name, address, telephone number, emails, city and country.
  • (B SMART MED) is intended to serve medical community only. The company has the full right to delete or suspend any account belonging to users who fail to prove that they are licensed healthcare professionals.
  • For the purpose of authentication and validation of information the App/ Platform will request from users to submit a proof of their medical background and/or their licensure to practice medicine or related education in their country of residency. Failure to submit these documentations might result in deleting or suspending the account.
  • By signing on the agree checkbox below, the users are responsible for the validity and scientific accuracy of the content they provide in the (B SMART MED) App/Platform or in the comments they make on videos and other materials. Any legal consequences resulting from submitting any clinical information not complying with the recognized evidence based practices in the country of residency of the user or other countries.
  • By signing on the agree checkbox, the user has recognized that all the content he/she submits on (B SMART MED) falls under his legal responsibilities. Hereby, any use of App/Platform inappropriate languages, videos, pictures, links and symbols that might carry any hostile, sexual or promoting hatred, disrespect and inequality against races, genders or nationalities shall be resulting in cancelation or suspension of the account. In addition, legal measurements might be taken against the violation.
  • By signing on the agree checkbox, the user has recognized that (B SMART MED) is not responsible for the accuracy of clinical information generated by third parties using (B SMART MED). This includes information submitted by pharmaceutical / medical companies and/or healthcare professionals using the App/Platform.
  • about advertising , It is prohibited to make public any medical preparations or treatment programs provided by therapeutic institutions until they are approved by the appropriate authority (Saudi FDA).
  • •There shall be no publication of anything that could compromise the security of the country or its public order or to support foreign interests that could conflict with the national interest